Detective Mystery School

2020. 1. 4. - 2020. 2. 21
KINTEX 8 Hall, Ilsan, South Korea

A place where I can go with my child for the winter vacation, We invite you to a detective-experience theme park where you share your brain

Kids detectives,
There's been an incident!

all over Wonderland There are strange things happening right now! I need your help as a child detective!

We have created a program that can help kids who are into YouTube and games!

Experience with stories!
The kids are the detectives themselves, and they solve the case.

Every child becomes the main character in a detective story that I read as a child. So children are interested and have a lot of fun and immersion.

Enjoy it like a game!
Children solve cases as if they were playing games.

hildren find clues one by one and use a variety of thought tools to solve the case. So they're more observant, more logical, more problem-solving.

I learn while playing.
When children solve cases with excitement, they learn naturally.

solve a case because it was made a problem based on the school curriculum.It is also very educational because it naturally learns the knowledge and principles of school.

Why did more than 95 percent of the kids say they really enjoyed the event?

Photo taken with Focos

I'm a detective!
Now be your own detective and solve the case!


Children solve cases by moving several rooms along the story of the incident.


A brain game with a bad guy!
Find a hidden clue in the case!


They also study while solving cases. There's a hint in the detective's notebook!


Use a variety of tools to solve a case! It increases children's creativity and problem-solving skills.


With the help of a Ph.D. in education and engineering, we created reliable content.

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More than 95 percent of the children said it was really fun. It's an event that I can go with my child for the vacation. Best recommendation item for this winter!